In Spring 2016, Patrick Rodhain, Mayor of Rémalard en Perche, and I discussed about the new website that would be created late 2016. We immediately agreed on the fact that the pupils from Collège Paul Harel ought to collaborate to it.

As part of the new school curriculum, I launched the project of some « English pages » about the town with 30 pupils from Year 9.

It remains a modest contribution …. and they do their best to present the town, its activities, sites, surroundings and inhabitants. One hour a week is not much, but in the groups, the motivation is strong!

Hope you’ll enjoy these pages.

Bruno RENARD, English teacher at Paul Harel Secondary School


I went to the garden
« de La Petite Rochelle »,
I saw fountains and ponds,
I heard the wind and birds.
In the beautiful garden,
All was red, orange and green,
This garden was huge and colored.
In the garden there were animals,
Hedgehogs, birds, squirrels…
It’s Hélène d’Andlau, the creator,
Of this beautiful garden,
With different colors per season,
And different flowers,
In this garden which was abandoned.
Today there are eight beautiful gardens,
All different, all colored,
Filled with rare plants,
From around the world…
Then I left with
Beautiful images in my head.

Eva  (4C)

Late autumn, we visited the Garden of « La Petite Rochelle ». This garden is so beautiful. It’s an inspiration of an English garden.
It’s very flowered, big but narrow. The 3 main colours of the flowers, trees and leaves were orange, yellow and red.
We found a pond, water lilies, statues, watering can… We heard the sound of the flow of the water and watched cats, birds and fishes.
I prefer English garden because I feel better in them. We will come back to spring.

Pauline (4B)

In the garden of  La Petite Rochelle, there are magnificent flowers. In autumn, they are pink, white and red. When we don’t speak, we can see squirrels. All day long, we can hear lots of fountains and one cave. On the little plain, there is a life-size draught game.

Hugo   (4A)

In « La Petite Rochelle«  garden, I saw lots of flowers of all colors and different trees. There are squirrels, hedgehogs, birds. There are also a fountain and ponds with fishes. This is very quiet and I heard birds, the water of the fountains flowing…

In autumn, leaves change color (orange, red, brown, yellow) and fall on the ground. The garden is made of several paths, it looks like a labyrinth. This garden is beautiful.

Amandine  (4C)